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Henrika Tonder - intro aboutHenrika Tonder is on a mission to empower seekers to claim the leadership of their life and to bust the blocks that are holding them back from creating a phenomenal living ! She empowers people to know that they know and teach them practical transformative tools for creating change in their everyday lives with ease and joy.

Henrika is a consciousness facilitator, visionary leader and a multicultural inspiration. She graduated from an international business school, has worked as an international buyer in Asia, North Africa and USA and in corporate communication & branding in France. She is a coach in consciousness, certified Bars™ facilitator and yoga teacher. She has taken classes worldwide in consciousness, energy transformation, naturopathy, holistic wellbeing, shamanism and self development.

Her body has been her calling to take responsibility of her life. She has healed herself holistically from supposedly life long invalidating auto-immune diseases by tenaciously choosing beyond the rules and limitations of this reality.

Henrika gives private coaching sessions and facilitates classes and workshops worldwide. She empowers people desiring change to access their greatness, detox from judgment and create a living that truly turns them ON in a lasting, dynamic and joyful way. Her guidance and facilitation is different, life changing, energizing, caring and sharp.

She also awakens consciousness as a yoga teacher and a published author and now lives in Finland with her three kids and french husband.

When you start living from within and truly being yourself, everything becomes possible, you change the world !

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
– Andy Warhol


Flavors of me

Henrika is an amazing being. She has truly both empowered me and inspired me to find my greatest and most joyful self. Through her wittiness and amazement she has opened the space for me to get out of my limitations and fear of being explosive and fun. She is charismatic, funny and full of life.
– Leticia Curiel, Barcelona


I was born in Finland 36 years ago. Being the only child until the age of 12, I grew up with a strong connection to nature, seasons, energies and wilderness. Imagination, daydreaming and connecting with the subtle non visible worlds were natural to me. Our bilingual family culture and my two little brothers adopted from Ethiopia woke me up to differences at an early stage. It’s already then that I started looking, listening and reading the world through questions, searching for differences and similarities.

My mother died of cancer when I was 18. It gave me the opportunity to experience death from very close and the precious gift of having to listen to myself and trust my own knowing as a young woman and later as a mother myself. The following year, I moved alone to France. Creating my life in a foreign culture was adventurous and exciting, but losing the connection with my energizing and nurturing nature started wearing me down within a couple of years. My body started sending me signals of an imbalance. That not being “part of my plans”, I didn’t listen to those signals and my body had to start screaming louder for me to stop and acknowledge the situation. It expressed a “dis-ease” through a chronic ulcerative colitis. An inflammatory bowel syndrome that was invalidating and disturbed my life on a regular basis for a couple of years, before the situation finally got critical. At a point, after several medical treatments that weren’t helping, I got so weak that my largely inflamed colon and rectum were entirely removed. I went through a series of three heavy surgeries, difficult, and shameful recoveries. Alone abroad, at the age of 23, I painfully tackled through this challenging sickness episode along with completing my international business education and taking my first steps in the professional world. Even with supportive friends, I experienced deep loneliness, intense pain and profound despair. I was ready to let go of life and give up, but my newly met boyfriend at the time, now my husband, stood relentlessly beside me holding my hand, cleaning my wounds, crying with me and dreaming our magic future.

My Story Child001My Story Child 002

“I tried to control everything and everyone by resisting change and was fighting against myself avoiding vulnerability at all cost. I wasn’t willing to let go of who I was and allow myself to become something new.”

Thanks to my inner strength and my partner’s caring and kind presence, life continued and we miraculously managed to have three children after all that “abdominal reshuffle” I had experienced a couple of years earlier. All three boys were born by c-section and I felt my body got further abused by those unnatural medical interventions. Becoming a mother was very complicated to me at first and I struggled with the guilt of not enjoying it for years. Not being good enough, being imprisoned by this challenging role and feeling a lack of freedom were overwhelming feelings for me. It was hard to be constantly needed and available for others. I desperately tried to hold on to me, who I was and poured my emotional imbalance on my children. I tried to control everything and everyone by resisting change and was fighting against myself avoiding vulnerability at all cost. I wasn’t willing to let go of who I was and allow myself to become something new.

At the age of 32, I still had chronic inflammation in my body and struggled with my weight, identity, and femininity while other autoimmune diseases like hashimoto’s thyroiditis came along to complete the picture of my vital flame slowly burning out. In the auto-immune dynamic, the immune system turns against it’s own tissues, cells or molecules, so I was literally destroying myself ! At that time, I was trying my best to be a good mother and a performant business woman. We had attained the european version of the “american dream” with successful corporate jobs in leading positions, a happy marriage with a soulmate, 3 children and beautiful house in a conveyed area. We had it all as this reality defines it.

But deep within myself I somehow knew there had to be something more to life, this could not be it. I was not meant to fade away, to be constantly unsatisfied, experience chronic suffering, only longing for time off and holidays without my children ! Something easier, lighter, brighter, joyful and more meaningful had to be possible. It didn’t FEEL like I was living MY dream. I was living someone else’s life. It hurt !

I had anxiously seeked for help and guidance for my health issues for years without finding any. At the age of 33 I’d really had enough of suffering when I found myself in the hospital again, this time for an urgent bowel obstruction surgery followed by another one a couple of month later to extract an inflamed fallopian tube. I was now afraid of my body and of the painful ways it stopped me regularly. After eight abusive and violent surgeries, years of chronic stress and disease from resisting myself, my nervous system broke down. I had attained a point where I no longer could function, connect with the world outside. Everything seemed unfamiliar, the language, words, culture and this entire society where totally overwhelming to me. I could barely take care of myself and my family. I knew this was a breaking point in my life, that I couldn’t continue down the same way as before if I wanted to stay alive. Things had to change !

I KNEW another, a new way of living was inevitable, but I had no clue about what had to be changed and how and who could help and guide me in this. I was lost and didn’t know how to start and where to go. I knew I no longer could trust the point of views of doctors, society, friends and family, but who then ? I felt extremely lonely and abandoned. Despite the despair, I had faith in life, didn’t want to give up and wanted to live for me and our children. My mother had passed away at 42 and leaving that early was not part of my plan. I wanted to be fully alive, healthy and happy, I wanted to thrive and contribute to others and see my children grow. That was MY dream and there was still much to share and learn from each other.

It’s then that I knew I had to take responsibility of my own body, healing and wellbeing instead of giving myself into the hands of modern medicine, trusting doctors & medical diagnosis and having pieces and parts being cut out of me. I woke up to myself from a collective hypnosis. The pain and suffering had empowered me to choose to come out of my victimhood and I was invited to follow my wise body’s guidance and called to become my own doctor.

“The pain and suffering had empowered me to choose to come out of my victimhood and I was invited to follow my wise body’s guidance and called to become my own doctor.”

At the breaking point, I was 25 kg overweight, wasn’t connected to my body and unable to look at myself in the mirror not recognizing my physical appearance. I had been looking for love and acceptance outside myself for so long that I had lost myself in the process. It was now time for me to start accepting myself. Since then, I’ve changed almost everything one can imagine from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual habits. I got rid of everything that was not a contribution to my health : food, relationships, belongings, situations that drew me down and away from myself. I changed the way I eat, rest, move, parent, love, listen, connect and contribute. My body begged for clean, natural, organic and plant based food and skin care products. I left out gluten and dairy from our family diet on my integrative doctors advice and quickly noticed major health improvements for all of us. The chronic inflammation started decreasing and our bodies became more alive in just a couple of months ! We went thoroughly through our kitchen, switched to organic food, got rid of all additives, conservatives, refined sugar and started green juicing, blending healthy smoothies, changed all the kitchenware to non toxic ones and started mainly steaming or woking our meals and experimenting raw foods. I started yoga as a regular practice, learned to express buried emotions and to perceive energies in intensive therapy and with amazing shamans. The combination of all these multi-dimensional changes opened up new possibilities and dimensions on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level beyond my wildest imagination.

I started to develop my attitude that I then called “healthy egoism” and that I now know is love of myself. Through this holistic process of healing I’ve changed my beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions, created a healthy, happy & orgasmic living WITH my vibrant body.


Happy TribeHappy Me and We
The magic adventure to freedom and consciousness has been an extraordinary gift I’ve been unwrapping for the last 3 years. My healing journey has also initiated change in the rest of the family and all of us have gone through our own transformation as individuals, as a couple and as family. Being a mother is now inspiring, light and joyful to me. Having three children and living in a magic relationship with my french soulmate is one of my greatest sources of growth. My willingness to receive them as the gift they truly are by receiving myself first has opened us all to the magic and life transforming cycle of gifting and receiving. I have realised how lucky I am to wonder, learn, play and create with non judgemental, intensely present, living “two-legged-questions” in my everyday life. I and am now capable and willing to allow and empower them to be who they truly are.

I resisted myself extremely dynamically and the amount of hard work I had to put into my healing journey was directly related to my level of resistance.
I was desperately trying to fit into this reality and inside my body. I now know that change doesn’t have to be that hard and painful. I’m now willing to be ALL of ME, as weird, wonderful, different and amazing that might be. Constantly observing and being in question has entrained me to perceive patterns and symbols and to see the collective and individual dimensions of life. I believe questions create awareness, open up new possibilities and are one of the most powerful tools to create change. I would love to make change easier for YOU by inspiring you to stop resisting yourself and by teaching you how to receive and be more of you by accessing your infinite knowing and tapping into your energy.

My mission is to wake you up, share my wisdom and to guide you through the process of change, whatever that change is for you.