Et si le bonheur était un choix ?

Capture d’écran 2015-02-04 à 12.18.13Et si on n’utilisait plus rien ou plus personne comme excuse pour ne pas être heureux ?

Heureux de vivre, heureux de respirer, heureux de simplement ÊTRE ici et avoir le privilège de sentir son corps, d’être présent et de partager la magie qui nous entoure avec d’autres co-créateurs de possibilités infinies ?

On se plaint souvent de “ce qui arrive”, des faits à l’extérieur de nous ou encore on passe son temps à se sentir “mal” pour les autres, â être solidaire de leurs problèmes …

Notre point de vue crée notre réalité et nos réalités unies créent le monde ! L’attention qu’on donne à quelque chose le fait croitre, le multiplie.

J’ai découvert à travers mon expérience personnelle de guérison holistique et en travaillant avec de nombreux clients de partout dans le monde qu’on a toujours le choix ! On est tous des créateurs de nos vies et on a le choix de mettre notre attention sur des choses qui nous rendent heureux, qui nous libèrent, créent de l’espace autour en nous ou de continuer à catastropher dans des projections et conclusions alarmantes qui nous rendent victimes de la situation.
Moi j’ai choisi la vie heureuse – et TOI ? Que choisis-tu ?

Est-il temps d’essayer autre chose ? Thomas Riquet a reçu et présenté de manière captivante mon parcours des dernières années vers la santé, joie et la vie excitante et Elina Simonen à su capturer ma joie vibrante en photographie. Merci aux deux artistes.

Article Choisir Sa Vie Heureuse

The only thing stopping us from changing the world right now is the belief that we can’t

Do you have some areas, issues or limitations in your life that don’t seem to change as much as you look at them, work on them and try to change them ?
Did you know that we’re actually all enslaved and held hostage by our unconscious limiting beliefs and the unconsciousness and judgements of this reality ?
We’re actually run by automatic programming, thinking and trying to prove that we’ve got it all together and that we’re right while simultaneously living in a constant sense of wrongness at some level.
But what if there’s nothing wrong with you ? What if you could start deprogramming and setting yourself free from those unconscious beliefs by becoming aware, clearing them and choosing something different ?
Sometimes I really wonder… For what reason wouldn’t we ALL desire to be free to BE the magic, amazingness and contribution we truly can be …?
Maybe it really isn’t for everyone … Maybe only some of us can have that …?
Cause it takes courage and willingness, courage to look at and let go of the shit that is limiting you (with curiosity and joy) and willingness to CHOOSE what works for you and makes you come alive, no matter what !
It requires awareness, commitment and tenacity to consistently choose to create a reality beyond anything that has ever existed before.
In what areas have you checked out, made yourself powerless, choose being a victim and what’s the ONE thing you’ve been putting off for too long now ?
Is now the time to change the world ?

What if your wrongness is your “superpower” ?

OK, my list of words for 2015 lasted for 14 days !!!!
I had written Out Of Control as one of my “targets” for this new year, and I just completely changed my mind.
I realized to a whole new extent how what I wanted to get rid of actually was one of my amazing superpowers and how just by looking at it from that perspective, EVERYTHING is different !
What is possible NOW with this new awareness and what have you and people around you made WRONG about you that actually could be STRONG and the key to creating everything you truly desire ?
Would you be willing to be “wrong” then and even be more of it ?

Your BEING is the gift

Capture d’écran 2015-01-15 à 18.11.48
I was fortunate to grow up with horses, cats, dogs, wild nature and people who were busy enough doing what they thought was important, get off my back and give me space to BE …
I realize now that the horses taught me early on what space, allowance, playfullness and healing really are about. They offered me the space to be the greatness of me without ever judging me or making me wrong for anything. For them, I was always enough and never too much and they were happy and grateful about my very presence …
When I got kids, I wanted them to have the same environment to grow up in with animals and nature. For years, I was blaming myself for not being able to gift them that same space of being. I was looking at the money that I didn’t have, the place I didn’t live in … until I realized that I can become that space myself !!!
I can choose be that space of allowance, non judgement, nurturing, kindness and playful curiosity just like the animals for them to be the gifts that they truly came here to be. I could be what I learned from the horses and animals 30 years ago …
And not only for them, but everyone and everything I come in contact with !
What a relief and a sens of empowerment it was to realize and acknowledge that !
So my question to you is :
What generative SPACE can YOU be for people around you that you haven’t yet chosen or acknowledged ?
Get clear on what energies allow you to fully open up to your capacities and joyful presence and be more of that for you AND others around you.

How aware are you ?

Capture d’écran 2015-01-08 à 11.26.28
Did you know more than 90% of all thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t even belong to you ? You walk around being like a giant radio receiver picking up on other people’s brains and bodies hundreds of km around you.
And the funniest thing is that you end up feeling contracted and heavy thinking it’s yours. When you suddenly shift from being happy and excited to feeling like a pile of poo with no obvious explanation, you most probably have picked up someone else’s thoughts or feelings. Sometimes it just takes to think of someone, or to have received a message from someone for us to go into their universe and start feeling crappy and contracted.
So this is me yesterday, waking up excited full with creative ideas and BAM ! feeling contracted, out of my creative flow, stressed by time to get things done before the holidays and lot of “unproductive” time just some moments later. I of course picked a fight with my husband, blaming him for being so contracted because I know my space and universe is all about flow with everything.
This pulls me into a state close to anger and rage, cause it takes me out of my creative flow and disconnects me from my own generative energy and joyful space of being. Not only after asking a lot of questions and being willing to receive Thomas’s awareness and facilitation (hours later !) of how I might have been aware of other people’s universes did I truly calm down and breathe out again.
How many people around you are feeling depressed on Monday going to a job they hate or feel uninspired by ? How many are feeling stressed right now about getting things done before the summer holidays ?
Do you want to let the thoughts and feelings of other people sabotage your amazing, exciting and joyful space of being and the inspiring creations that you’re working on ? HELL NO !
The only way of not buying into other people’s crap is to be in question and remember to ask yourself for every limiting thought, feeling or belief : “Is this even mine?” and “who does this belong to ?”. If it lightens up even a bit, it’s not yours and you can return it back to sender without having to know who’s it is in the first place. “BYE BYE & CIAO” and tap into your own energy of being fully alive !
Did you realize you were THIS aware of everyone and everything around you ?
What can you choose now ?

What turns you ON ?

Capture d’écran 2015-01-07 à 23.43.42

This is the love of my life, Nature and oneness with every atom and molecule of welcoming and joyful energy. Mother nature receives me fully, as I am and gifts me caring and orgasmic presence unconditionally and whole heartedly without holding back or hiding any of it’s greatness and beauty … She wants me to be all of me and is asking for my contribution.
I feel alive and turned ON with the trees, birds, ants and cliffs.
Tonight, I’m welcoming and admiring these beautiful baby blueberries while rabbits of all sizes are running around me. The trees are embracing this present moment, simply loving me back …


The magic of no judgement

Capture d’écran 2015-01-08 à 11.26.36

This morning driving the kids to summer camp, we had an interesting discussion about creativity, vulnerability and courage to open up and share the gift that we are.
I’ve been struggling with this for the past days and am looking at what it would take to create what I truly desire and contribute with all of me, without hiding any part or aspect of me anymore. What is truly going here ?

I’ve been having thoughts that it’s not safe for me to open up and have been looking for that safety from the outside circumstances. Like a wild horse squeezed in a shoe box, I have wildly fought the situation and tried everything NOT to face the truth, blaming outside circumstances including my partner or money for not being that safe space for me. And while it’s true that my Radiant Goddess desires to be loved and protected to open up and shine her light, it’s also true that I need to be that safe space for myself and let go of old limiting beliefs that something terrible will happen if I allow myself to be vulnerable and express my creative brightness that passionately wants to be seen and heard.
When asking my kids how I can let myself be fully creative, open up and how THEY create, Nils (8 years) just replied : “Mom, I just do it, when I create with legos, sometimes my fingers hurt – but I do it anyway …” and then he added something that woke me up and made me smile : “So what do YOU know about that ?”, and instantly I KNEW ! His allowance without any point of view about me or the situation and his non judgmental question gave me access to me and I could access my knowing. I knew that even if I’m terrified to create something truly authentic, I just have to go for it anyway. I have to keep opening my heart and be courageously vulnerable and be that safe space for myself AND ask for help and let others contribute to me. It all came down to RECEIVING again and pulling my barriers of protection even further down.
And then Noa’s (6 years) from the back of the car added : “So mom, what could you choose to have more pleasure today ?” And my heart cracked open !
What could I choose to enjoy my life even more, in every moment ? And again, I JUST KNEW … In that moment I chose to let go of the upset to start looking at what is in stead of what should or could be.

So what do YOU know ? What can you be or do different today that would allow you more pleasure and joy right away ?

Tools for change …

Capture d’écran 2015-01-07 à 23.46.47

Feeling surprisingly inspired by the rain today …
Yesterday, working in my bikinis and walking down the rainy streets today, it hit me it all comes down to equipment !

Having the right tools to navigate, choose and create the life we dream of is the key.

One of the greatest tools of all is to be in QUESTION !
Asking questions i/o going into conclusions open up new possibilities ! Asking questions get us out of judgement of what’s good or bad, right or wrong to see what simply is …

So, in stead of going into wrongness of anything, one phenomenal question is : “what’s right about this I’m not getting ?” and “what gift is this person/situation to me ?”

Keep wondering beautifuls, life is beautiful

The wonder of embodiment …

Capture d’écran 2015-01-08 à 00.04.10

I’m really good at fooling myself around and telling myself the stories I want to hear. Being very aware of energies and easily tapping into the universal consciousness, my body is the one that brings me back to this limited “human being”. Maybe this is the reason why I haven’t always been friends with my body and why I haven’t really been willing to accept being “limited” by it. How can I, the infinite being, fit into that tiny little thing called my body ? Throughout the years, I’ve tortured it with brutally intense exercise, not enough sleep, unhealthy food, several unnatural diets, a stressful life without kindness and caring.

Now, after some years of getting to know my body and eventually having fallen in love with it, I am truly grateful for the awareness and wisdom it’s willing to share with me. I now know I don’t have to fit into it anymore. Being energy and space, I can be in my body AND everywhere else at the same time. I now see my body as my friend, lover, mentor and business partner. It’s my body that guide me on my path of self discovery and creation. It’s by asking questions to my body that I get to be more of who I truly be. It shows me my challenges, my possibilities, where I’m at right now and where to go next.
Tightness in my thighs, stiffness in my chest, cracking knees, my sweet body is inviting me to open up, to keep letting go of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions and to KEEP CHOOSING MORE OF ME.

It has no judgement of anything and is willing to let go of everything that is holding it back. The question more often is, am I ? How much of the fear, pain, suffering and limitations of other people have I unconsciously stored in my body for years ? Am I really willing to be as free as I could be. Am I really willing to be all of me ? How much am I still using my body as a limitation against me ?
Cause who would I be if I didn’t limit me anymore ? Who, what, why, were, when and how would I be if I was truly being the fully free phenomenance I truly be ?

Lying relaxed in Savasana after a playful yoga class this morning, I received clear guidance inviting me to further accept my body and to receive it’s wise and empowering guidance. The words that came up were : LETTING GO, ALLOWANCE, DELICIOUS PLEASURE, LEADERSHIP and PATIENCE…

What is YOUR body telling YOU right now ? Follow your body, it knows.

The power of words

Capture d’écran 2015-01-07 à 23.55.58

The past few days have been really interestingly stuck and contracted in my life and especially in my relationship. After years of active exploration and setting ourselves free from a whole lot of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions, my husband and partner in life Tom got tired with my everlasting questioning, permanent exploration and willingness to clear my limitations. And all the problems that I was constantly having… As happy and proud as he was about everything we’ve transformed and let go of and the amazing freedom and possibilities that has been created from that, he was insistently wondering why I couldn’t just simply BE happy ?

After a couple of days (yeah it still is that long for us sometimes…) of snapping out on each other and not understanding what actually was going on, we finally both lowered our barriers and started listening to each other and asking questions without judgement.
This situation brought up some really interesting energies and awarenesses around words. We noticed ourselves using the word “problem” very often. As soon as something came up for me, Tom had the point of view that it was a problem. For the most of the time, I received it as an awareness or an energy to be cleared, but sometimes when being in the middle of some old sabotaging energy, I saw it as a problem too.

Knowing that it takes two people or two points of view to create a reality, this is exactly what we were doing by using that word : we were creating the problem !

I invited Tom to look at it differently, from another perspective, as an energy showing up and not to judge it or project anything on it. We saw that by being with what is and not defining it by any specific word, it can easily be cleared and open up unexpected new possibilities with ease, instantaneously ! When accessing this awareness, we both got a new sense of space and realized once more how words can effect the reality that gets created. The change that I’d been asking for was occurring, only in a totally different way than I expected.

When we explore and are willing to change things in our lives, energies, awarenesses and old patterns WILL show up. That’s what getting rid of our limitations is all about. Bringing to the surface what’s been unconsciously sticking and limiting us or what we’ve been hiding for long. It’s our own points of views (and the one’s around you) that make it into a problem or just another happy step to freedom.

So today, my question is what if whatever “problem” you were having wasn’t a problem ?
What could show up if you didn’t use that word anymore ?
And what’s good about the situation you’re in right now that you’re not getting ?

What if change didn’t have to be complicated ?

Creativity Lab Live Taster in Helsinki !

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Hey Helsinki !
I’m EXCITED and HAPPY to invite you to this amazing opportunity to “Unleash Your Creative Brilliance” during a Creativity Lab Live Taster on Friday 23.5 from 18.00-21.00 in Hima Happiness at Siltavuorenranta 16, Helsinki.
Creativity Lab and Lisa Murray from Australia are facilitating creativity and new possibilities through workshops and classes all over the world on how to nurture your greatness and ideas into life. I met Lisa last year in Sweden and absolutely wanted to invite her wonderfully weird energy to Helsinki. I’m thrilled that she’s now coming to Finland for the first time during her European tour !
Don’t miss Lisa’s colorful and sparkling energy and join us with your ideas and friends.

Each of us has a creative brilliance that only we can be. We can hide it, or we can choose to unleash it on the world. When we unleash it on the world, we change our choices for the future. Not only for ourselves, but for the world. We open up possibilities for becoming more of the conscious contribution we have been asking to be! Join us to discover:

+ How to amplify your creative voice and make your creations more visible in the world.
+ How to stop judging your creations and add the energy of invitation to them.
+ How to stop kicking back and inject a creative ‘kick in the butt’ into your life or business.
+ How to follow your intuitive knowing around what to create and when.

We all have ideas… what separates the dreamers from the change-makers is the choices we make.

Please contact me for any questions at +358 (0)451522287 and SHARE with your friends !
More information and online registration here :


Hei Helsinki !
TERVETULOA Creative Labin ja Lisa Murrayn Taster Classiin Pe 23.05 klo 18.00-21.00 Hima Happiness Onnellisuustaloon !
Australialainen värikas Lisa Murray pitää Creative Lab Live workshopeja la luentoja ympäri maailmaa ja on nyt tulossa ensimmäistä kertaa Suomeen Euroopan kiertueellaan. Tapasin hänet viime vuonna Tukholmassa ja tiesin heti että halusin kutsua hänet myös Suomeen ensi kerralla.
Tule mukaan ja osallistu upeaan mahdollisuuteen tutustua Creative Labiin ja Lisan ihanan aurinkoiseen ja raikkaaseen tapaan fasilitoida luovuutta ja uusia mahdollisuuksia.
Ota minuun yhteyttä jos on kysyttävää 045 1522287.
Lisää tietoa tapahtumasta ja ilmoittautuminen :

Lisää suomeksi Hima Happinessin sivuilta :

My story of coming ALIVE

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This post is part of the ALIVE in Berlin Blog Tour, which is spreading the power of ALIVENESS to the masses. Alive in Berlin is a global gathering devoted to personal transformation that takes place on the 30th and 31st of May 2014 in Europe’s most exciting city. The event will bring together world-class experts, visionaries and change makers from a variety of communities and disciplines. Together, we’ll explore the common threads that connect us and make us come alive. To learn more and join us, click here.

Three years ago I had achieved it all. From the outside, I was living “the dream”. Living in France being married to my gorgeous soulmate, having three amazing and healthy children, a beautiful house, dear friends, a corporate job where I could combine being professional & mother and a very comfortable financial situation.

According to everyone, I had it all and was supposed to be happy, but on the inside, I was literally dying !

By the age of 33, trying to play the role of the perfect wife, mother, friend and professional, I had lost connection with myself and was living someone else’s life. Thinking there was something wrong with me, feeling unworthy, I was hiding and resisting being myself so dynamically that my body was manifesting several autoimmune diseases like ulcerous colitis, chronic depression, hypothyroiditis. Autoimmunity literally meaning “failure of an organism in recognizing its own constituent parts as self leading to an immune response against its own cells and tissues”. Simply put, I had become infectiously toxic to myself. My sweet and amazing body was expressing the war within me and I wasn’t listening !

My strong desire to be loved and accepted created years of looking for outside validation and lead to an unconscious quest for perfection. If I worked hard and was successfull, If I had friends, If I could get along with people, If I could take care of myself, look good and find a good man who could take care of me and create a happy family, THEN I finally could relax, feel loved and have true connections. So I did all that, I had all that … and it still wasn’t enough. I still didn’t feel at peace. There was one person missing from the equation, ME.

I was looking from the outside something that had to be found from the inside. I was giving and caring for others believing that I would receive love in return. But the truth is I wasn’t.

I couldn’t receive their love and caring, cause I had already learned to put up my barriers and raised my walls of protection.

I had built a defensive fortress around myself that also unabled me to receive.
I thought I needed to protect myself from the unkindness of the judgements that people were doing simply by not seeing and receiving me as me.

In January 2011, my third son was about to turn 8 months and I had just returned back to work, only to discover that I couldn’t do the corporate thing anymore, that I desired space and freedom and decided to start my own business. A couple of days after officially quitting my job, I found myself in the hospital once more and had to go through my 8th abdominal surgery, this time for a bowel obstruction. There inevitably was something I wasn’t willing to “digest” with ease and flow in my life. My body had to scream it’s guts out for me to stop and listen to what the universe had to tell me.
This time I felt I was litterally dying. I was in so much pain and suffering that I HAD to let go ! I was forced to surrender to my body. My controlling mind just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to give up the fight and admit my helplessness.
I had to give up control, face myself, face loneliness, being lost, helpless and be vulnerable !
I had to start asking for and receiving help from others and allow them into my universe. It was an extremely difficult thing to do for me and I was scared to let people in after all the years of hiding and building up concrete walls of protection around me.

It’s then, back home from the hospital, that I came to see in a chrystal clear way that there is my body, my mind and my infinite being and that they co-create either the dream or disaster that is ME and my life. It’s in this moment of struggling for life that I realized how loosing the connection to me and my infinite being had resulted in my mind taking over and ruling my life in a hard, cold and unkind way. It was my mind/ego that wanted war and by giving myself up for “the quest of love” I had given over my body as it’s battlefield.
Through this painful event, I was invited to come back home, to receive my body, to surrender to it, love it, nurture it, play with it and actually live in it. My body was going to guide me back to my softness, my kindness, my caring and revive my heart that had turned cold. But I had to start listening to its wisdom and come to peace with it. By opening my heart, I could then let my love and light radiate around me and melt other frozen hearts and create joyful change to many on this planet !

Empowered by the awareness gained from my self destructive experiences and through my holistic healing journey back to health, happiness and consciousness, I’ve come to realize how important it is to trust my knowing, to put myself first, to organically and deeply love myself whatever that means to me. I have to allow myself to explore, be adventurous, connect and play with my body. I have to be willing to be as different, weird and sensitive that I am, even if that means being kind, caring, forgiving, intense, playful and joyful…
I have to stop fighting myself, get out of my own way and have the courage to choose different !

Only I can know, be, perceive and receive my true capacities and abilities. Only I can be ME and create the life of my dreams. Only I know what I know. Only I can tell my story and share that special gift that only I have and am here to contribute with. No one else will find and see me in totality. Using others as an excuse for not showing up is definetly not a contribution to me, to them, nor to the planet. There is work to do and fun to have. This life is about celebration and not about suffering or boredom. There’s no such thing as “no choice”. The greatest power we have IS choice and it’s always available.
By getting out of victimhood, I’ve come to see that I am the creator source of my life and only I can choose to change it. I’ve chosen this planet, this life, this time to come here and create change.

That change starts with me and it has to be from the inside out !

I don’t have to be perfect, flawless, a wonderwoman, nor do I have to be strong, successfull and a “good” mother as this reality defines it. I only have to wake up to me and be as vulnerable, imperfect, courageous and different that I truly am. There lies my infinite power and I can choose awareness and oneness by letting go of my limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I can choose to be a space of allowance, wonder, joy and change by being intensly present here and now. And that truly is changing the world.
Being all of me, inspiring others to be the greatest versions of themselves, receiving everything and judging nothing is what truly being ALIVE means to me !

I believe we’re all meant to be vibrantly ALIVE, to create joyful, conscious and orgasmic lives beyond our wildest dreams and change the world together.