The courage of curiosity

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“If you’re brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting and set out on a truth seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you’re truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue, and if you accept everything and everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if you are prepared, most of all, to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you”

From the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Alignement with our nature

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I’m ALIVE & HAPPY to be able to live my truth and be in alignment with my nature.
Grateful to currently facilitate amazing magic beings all over the planet in Finland, India, New Zealand, France, Sweden and the USA to become visible and in being more of them !
How does it get even better than this ?

For me, getting to this point of bliss, has been on ongoing flow of courageous choices and started with a real demand for change !
What could YOU choose right now to be more in alignement with YOUR nature ?

Receiving the present, creating for the future

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It’s always mind blowing for me to see how some people just suck your energy… It’s as if I tend to forget the unawareness…

Have you noticed it’s often the same people who never point out the things they like or appreciate, but only open their mouths whenever they feel there’s something to critisize and judge ?

I noticed myself being affected by this yesterday and find myself wondering for what good reason someone would want to be and act out that way.
Asking questions around it, it became clear to me that these basically kind and caring people act out of fear, guilt, unexpressed emotions and function from the past. They don’t choose and create their lives from the present, they choose to be defined by their stories and let all that shit get in the way of living, being happy and being in the present moment, creating FOR the future.
They don’t even realise how poisonous and destructive they are to others and themselves.

This too is a choice, it’s an interesting one and I honestly don’t really quite totally understand it, but see it as an invitation to further increase my allowance and my awareness, keep choosing what’s light for me and ask myself what’s good in this that I’m not getting…

What would it take to recycle toxicity into fertile soil for blooming happiness, even when it comes to people around you ? It’s spring after all …

Symptoms of happiness

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Are you having any of these symptoms :
cheerful, cheery, merry, joyful, jovial, jolly, jocular, gleeful, carefree, untroubled, delighted, smiling, beaming, grinning, in good spirits, in a good mood, lighthearted, pleased, contented, content, satisfied, gratified, buoyant, radiant, sunny, blithe, joyous, beatific, thrilled, elated, exhilarated, ecstatic, blissful, euphoric, overjoyed, exultant, rapturous, in seventh heaven, on cloud nine, walking on air, jumping for joy, jubilant… ?

Might be you’re actually HAPPY, you might want to see a doctor, cause it seems to be very contagious, especially today…

So go be happy my friends

The universe has your back

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This week has been intensly and surprisingly “unclear” to me. I’ve been asking questions to receive guidance and did so again this morning during my walk in the forest with beautiful birds gently singing and the sun playfully caressing my body and nurturing me. I experienced once again how connecting to nature allows me connect to MY nature and my true desires. How not jumping in the crazy pace of the world, not listening to my mind’s “you shoulds and you can’ts…) and slowing down give me access to ME in oneness with everything. While hugging a tree and breathing in the energy of the sun, I received these messages with unexpected clarity : CHOOSE YOU, ALLOW YOUR VOICE to be heard !
Just when that powerful awareness and kind wisdom of nature entered every cell of my body and I melted down in tears of relief and joy, I intuitively turned my back to the warming sun and heard a very soft, intense and reassuring voice embrace my whole being with these words : I HAVE YOUR BACK, the sun has your back, the whole universe has your back. Now is the time to choose YOU !
I saw at that moment how I had been choosing judgement as a hiding place in my life, how we all use judgements NOT to show up and be the gift we are.
But the problem is, as infinite beings in oneness with everything we then BECOME judgement and turn that against ourselves, cause we all are profoundly and deeply kind and caring and would never actually judge others.
This phenomenon is called autoimmunity in medical terms, war, destruction or self sabotage in others, but whatever word we use for it, it’s NOT peace, joy, nor a contribution & celebration to ourselves, people around us or the planet. We have to CHOOSE OURSELVES FIRST !

Start NOW !

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What are you committing to today ?
Don’t push that dream any further. Start whatever it is that you’ve been planning to, dreamed of, thought about and the universe will help you further.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it all figured out and don’t know what it’s gonna look like, things often show up differently than we’ve planned them to anyway …

START & be consistent and things WILL unravel and unfold eventually when the time is right.

PS. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride :))

Tools for change #1

Creating CHANGE & JOYFUL living starts NOW !
Here’s a practical magic tool to carry with you that you can use if you’re looking for more, better and greater in your life
My life has been totally transformed in a couple of months by asking THIS question consistently. Hope yours will too !

Try it out for yourself and share what starts shifting in YOUR life …