How aware are you ?

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Did you know more than 90% of all thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t even belong to you ? You walk around being like a giant radio receiver picking up on other people’s brains and bodies hundreds of km around you.
And the funniest thing is that you end up feeling contracted and heavy thinking it’s yours. When you suddenly shift from being happy and excited to feeling like a pile of poo with no obvious explanation, you most probably have picked up someone else’s thoughts or feelings. Sometimes it just takes to think of someone, or to have received a message from someone for us to go into their universe and start feeling crappy and contracted.
So this is me yesterday, waking up excited full with creative ideas and BAM ! feeling contracted, out of my creative flow, stressed by time to get things done before the holidays and lot of “unproductive” time just some moments later. I of course picked a fight with my husband, blaming him for being so contracted because I know my space and universe is all about flow with everything.
This pulls me into a state close to anger and rage, cause it takes me out of my creative flow and disconnects me from my own generative energy and joyful space of being. Not only after asking a lot of questions and being willing to receive Thomas’s awareness and facilitation (hours later !) of how I might have been aware of other people’s universes did I truly calm down and breathe out again.
How many people around you are feeling depressed on Monday going to a job they hate or feel uninspired by ? How many are feeling stressed right now about getting things done before the summer holidays ?
Do you want to let the thoughts and feelings of other people sabotage your amazing, exciting and joyful space of being and the inspiring creations that you’re working on ? HELL NO !
The only way of not buying into other people’s crap is to be in question and remember to ask yourself for every limiting thought, feeling or belief : “Is this even mine?” and “who does this belong to ?”. If it lightens up even a bit, it’s not yours and you can return it back to sender without having to know who’s it is in the first place. “BYE BYE & CIAO” and tap into your own energy of being fully alive !
Did you realize you were THIS aware of everyone and everything around you ?
What can you choose now ?