The only thing stopping us from changing the world right now is the belief that we can’t

Do you have some areas, issues or limitations in your life that don’t seem to change as much as you look at them, work on them and try to change them ?
Did you know that we’re actually all enslaved and held hostage by our unconscious limiting beliefs and the unconsciousness and judgements of this reality ?
We’re actually run by automatic programming, thinking and trying to prove that we’ve got it all together and that we’re right while simultaneously living in a constant sense of wrongness at some level.
But what if there’s nothing wrong with you ? What if you could start deprogramming and setting yourself free from those unconscious beliefs by becoming aware, clearing them and choosing something different ?
Sometimes I really wonder… For what reason wouldn’t we ALL desire to be free to BE the magic, amazingness and contribution we truly can be …?
Maybe it really isn’t for everyone … Maybe only some of us can have that …?
Cause it takes courage and willingness, courage to look at and let go of the shit that is limiting you (with curiosity and joy) and willingness to CHOOSE what works for you and makes you come alive, no matter what !
It requires awareness, commitment and tenacity to consistently choose to create a reality beyond anything that has ever existed before.
In what areas have you checked out, made yourself powerless, choose being a victim and what’s the ONE thing you’ve been putting off for too long now ?
Is now the time to change the world ?