The power of words

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The past few days have been really interestingly stuck and contracted in my life and especially in my relationship. After years of active exploration and setting ourselves free from a whole lot of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions, my husband and partner in life Tom got tired with my everlasting questioning, permanent exploration and willingness to clear my limitations. And all the problems that I was constantly having… As happy and proud as he was about everything we’ve transformed and let go of and the amazing freedom and possibilities that has been created from that, he was insistently wondering why I couldn’t just simply BE happy ?

After a couple of days (yeah it still is that long for us sometimes…) of snapping out on each other and not understanding what actually was going on, we finally both lowered our barriers and started listening to each other and asking questions without judgement.
This situation brought up some really interesting energies and awarenesses around words. We noticed ourselves using the word “problem” very often. As soon as something came up for me, Tom had the point of view that it was a problem. For the most of the time, I received it as an awareness or an energy to be cleared, but sometimes when being in the middle of some old sabotaging energy, I saw it as a problem too.

Knowing that it takes two people or two points of view to create a reality, this is exactly what we were doing by using that word : we were creating the problem !

I invited Tom to look at it differently, from another perspective, as an energy showing up and not to judge it or project anything on it. We saw that by being with what is and not defining it by any specific word, it can easily be cleared and open up unexpected new possibilities with ease, instantaneously ! When accessing this awareness, we both got a new sense of space and realized once more how words can effect the reality that gets created. The change that I’d been asking for was occurring, only in a totally different way than I expected.

When we explore and are willing to change things in our lives, energies, awarenesses and old patterns WILL show up. That’s what getting rid of our limitations is all about. Bringing to the surface what’s been unconsciously sticking and limiting us or what we’ve been hiding for long. It’s our own points of views (and the one’s around you) that make it into a problem or just another happy step to freedom.

So today, my question is what if whatever “problem” you were having wasn’t a problem ?
What could show up if you didn’t use that word anymore ?
And what’s good about the situation you’re in right now that you’re not getting ?

What if change didn’t have to be complicated ?