The wonder of embodiment …

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I’m really good at fooling myself around and telling myself the stories I want to hear. Being very aware of energies and easily tapping into the universal consciousness, my body is the one that brings me back to this limited “human being”. Maybe this is the reason why I haven’t always been friends with my body and why I haven’t really been willing to accept being “limited” by it. How can I, the infinite being, fit into that tiny little thing called my body ? Throughout the years, I’ve tortured it with brutally intense exercise, not enough sleep, unhealthy food, several unnatural diets, a stressful life without kindness and caring.

Now, after some years of getting to know my body and eventually having fallen in love with it, I am truly grateful for the awareness and wisdom it’s willing to share with me. I now know I don’t have to fit into it anymore. Being energy and space, I can be in my body AND everywhere else at the same time. I now see my body as my friend, lover, mentor and business partner. It’s my body that guide me on my path of self discovery and creation. It’s by asking questions to my body that I get to be more of who I truly be. It shows me my challenges, my possibilities, where I’m at right now and where to go next.
Tightness in my thighs, stiffness in my chest, cracking knees, my sweet body is inviting me to open up, to keep letting go of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions and to KEEP CHOOSING MORE OF ME.

It has no judgement of anything and is willing to let go of everything that is holding it back. The question more often is, am I ? How much of the fear, pain, suffering and limitations of other people have I unconsciously stored in my body for years ? Am I really willing to be as free as I could be. Am I really willing to be all of me ? How much am I still using my body as a limitation against me ?
Cause who would I be if I didn’t limit me anymore ? Who, what, why, were, when and how would I be if I was truly being the fully free phenomenance I truly be ?

Lying relaxed in Savasana after a playful yoga class this morning, I received clear guidance inviting me to further accept my body and to receive it’s wise and empowering guidance. The words that came up were : LETTING GO, ALLOWANCE, DELICIOUS PLEASURE, LEADERSHIP and PATIENCE…

What is YOUR body telling YOU right now ? Follow your body, it knows.