Your BEING is the gift

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I was fortunate to grow up with horses, cats, dogs, wild nature and people who were busy enough doing what they thought was important, get off my back and give me space to BE …
I realize now that the horses taught me early on what space, allowance, playfullness and healing really are about. They offered me the space to be the greatness of me without ever judging me or making me wrong for anything. For them, I was always enough and never too much and they were happy and grateful about my very presence …
When I got kids, I wanted them to have the same environment to grow up in with animals and nature. For years, I was blaming myself for not being able to gift them that same space of being. I was looking at the money that I didn’t have, the place I didn’t live in … until I realized that I can become that space myself !!!
I can choose be that space of allowance, non judgement, nurturing, kindness and playful curiosity just like the animals for them to be the gifts that they truly came here to be. I could be what I learned from the horses and animals 30 years ago …
And not only for them, but everyone and everything I come in contact with !
What a relief and a sens of empowerment it was to realize and acknowledge that !
So my question to you is :
What generative SPACE can YOU be for people around you that you haven’t yet chosen or acknowledged ?
Get clear on what energies allow you to fully open up to your capacities and joyful presence and be more of that for you AND others around you.