Are you ready to receive how amazing you are ? To acknowledge that your current life is just not enough ? Is now the time to fully commit to you and embrace the possibilities and the harmony that are now available ? Have you always known that you have a special gift, but haven’t quite figured out what that is and how to be and express it in the world ?

We’re all here to live vibrant, conscious, happy and healthy lives, up to our fullest potential and be the contribution we truly can be.
You are the creator of your life. Nothing just « happens » to you. Are you ready to explore the greatness of YOU, access your superpowers and start creating the life you know is possible ?

Is now the time ?

My mission is to wake you up, introduce you to choice and empower you to become the leader of your life.
I facilitate you in becoming aware of your unconscious limiting beliefs and destructive patterns with curiosity, allowance and intense presence. By inviting you to look at your life from a new perspective and sharing transformational tools, we open up new possibilities that enables you to create the change you have been asking for.
I’m driven to show you that you always have choice, that everything is possible and that YOU ARE MAGIC !
Is now the time to let go of your past, enjoy your present and finally start creating your phenomenal future ?

Stop trying to fit in and have the courage to be outstanding !

If you are ready to be present in your life, step up and choose to be all of you no matter what, we are a great fit.
We can work together one-on-one through private sessions or you’re welcome to attend the transformational classes I facilitate worldwide.


“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” J.M. Power


Helsinki, Finland
Welcome to this Bars class where you will learn a life changing and nurturing body process called Access Bars. It’s a simple energy process where the practioner gently touches 32 points on the head to release limitations in different areas of your life, like body, control, money and creativity to name few.
Paris, France
Si vous êtes prêt pour le changement, vous entrerez dans une aventure dynamique et transformative. Vous découvrirez des outils pratiques qui vous permettront de changer ce qui ne fonctionne pas dans votre vie et de libérer votre réel potentiel.
Montpellier, France
Bienvenue à ces 5 journées composées de trois classes fondamentales de Access Consciousness. Vous découvrirez des outils pratiques qui vous permettront de changer ce qui ne fonctionne pas dans votre vie et de libérer votre réel potentiel.



I have one job : to awaken consciousness in the world !

I am a dreamer and a relentless seeker, exploring greater possibilities and limitless living with my husband and our three children. I travel the world as a speaker, certified facilitator and author to empower others to dream big and access their greatness.

My body has been my calling to take responsibility of my life. I have healed myself holistically from supposedly life long invalidating auto-immune diseases by tenaciously choosing beyond the rules and limitations of this reality. My knowing of something greater, constant exploration of new possibilities and willingness to receive, have lead me to the space of being ALL of me where everything is possible !

The acoustic resonance of nature and joy of living are my sources of inspiration. I passionately observe the patterns that create either harmony or destruction in our daily lives and constantly and curiously question everything.

My mission is to empower YOU to claim the leadership of your life and to facilitate you to let go of the limitations and constructs that are holding you back from creating YOUR phenomenal living !

About Me - Home
Being a leader is being willing to step into what you know and follow it. It’s about having a sense of trust in you and your knowing even if that knowing doesn’t match other people’s points of view.

– Dr Dain Heer

Anthony Mattis
Henrika has this amazing capacity to see the magic that you are capable of contributing to the world. She has this uncanny ability to see through your limitations and bring out the best in you ! She provides a safe place to be vulnerable so that you may break free of the false limitations that you have bought as real ! Her insight and professionalism are beyond measure !

– Dr. Anthony Mattis, USA

Johanna Souru
Henrika is a wonderful soul, she’s magic. She has inspired me and expanded my awareness of myself in a wonderfully joyful way. Her extensive knowledge and business background combined with her playfulness is unique. Henrika’s Bars treatments and question-spurred discussions have cleared my energies. Her understanding of the everyday challenges and women’s various roles make her an excellent mirroring mentor for my rush years.

– Johanna Souru, Art Director, Finland